Class-Based Learning

Uniquely individualized classroom experience.

Personalized tutoring for students siting CSEC/CAPE exams

With a class size of no greater than 10, students will benefit from a uniquely individualized classroom experience instead of struggling in overcrowded classrooms. The Class-of-Ten service provides personalized tutoring for students from grades 7-10, as well as those preparing to sit their CSEC/CAPE exams.


The best preparation for tomorrow

PreCSEC (3 year)

The PreCSEC 3-Year program is perhaps the only established program that is geared towards taking an individual from a beginner’s level to mastery in 3 years.

PreCSEC (2 year)

This level is designed for students who are preparing to sit their CSEC exams in two years.

Classes start September 19

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Providing the tools to sit their CSEC exams

Students who are enrolled in this level are given all the tools they need to sit their CSEC exams. Students are exposed to world-class teachers in the discipline, unmatched assessment & feedback and a nurturing environment that allows for students to feel comfortable answering questions and participating in discussions. The CSEC program, like the other levels, is strict with the number of students in each classroom, as it is important to provide these students with the personal attention they demand. This level also provides students with tips and tricks that they can utilize during their exams.

Classes start September 19

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One month to exam… no problem!

CAPE 1 & 2

This is a 1 year program designed for sixth form students sitting their first & second unit of Caribbean Advanced Proficiency Examinations (CAPE). The program has a modular approach to the syllabus and provides extensive coverage of modules and weekly worksheets that are created and distributed by the tutors. Students are also exposed to rigorous techniques that will be helpful for first year’s university.

Classes start April 16

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FREE diagnostic test available in four subjects: Mathematics, English Language, Physics & Chemistry.